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Our Code


Malaysia Code for Institutional Investors (MCII) statement, other Stewardship codes and industry associations

BNP PARIBAS Asset Management Malaysia and BNP PARIBAS Asset Management Najmah Malaysia are now proud signatories to The Malaysian Code for Institutional Investors (the “Code”), and have established a framework to endeavour to meet the core requirements of the Code.

At a group level, BNP PARIBAS Asset Management (BNP PARIBAS AM) is subject and in compliance with the UK stewardship code and European Shareholder Rights Directive II – our statement of compliance is available here.

As a global asset management firm, we endorse the ICGN Global Stewardship Principles, as well as the EFAMA Stewardship Code. We are also signatories to regional stewardship codes in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and will consider supporting codes introduced in additional markets.

As member entities within BNP PARIBAS AM Group, BNP PARIBAS Asset Management Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. and BNP PARIBAS Asset Management Najmah Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (each hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) are committed to meet the standards of UK stewardship code. In the Malaysian context, the Company is also committed to observe the six (6) principles of the Code as set out below:

  • Institutional investors should disclose the policies on their stewardship responsibilities.
  • Institutional investors should monitor their investee companies.
  • Institutional investors should engage with investee companies as appropriate.
  • Institutional investors should adopt a robust policy on managing conflicts of interest which should be publicly disclosed.
  • Institutional investors should incorporate corporate governance and sustainability considerations into the investment decision-making process.
  • Institutional investors should publish a voting policy.

In view thereof, BNP PARIBAS Asset Management Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. and BNP PARIBAS Asset Management Najmah Malaysia Sdn. Bhd have signed and became signatories to MCII with effect from December 2014.